We have many features and accessories that will improve your marksmanship experience. We are constantly updating the features and accessories with new tools and weapons that you can purchase to upgrade your system’s capabilities.



    Taking just minutes to install, our recoil kits provide the most live fire like experience possible at a fraction of the cost. Simply by replacing some of the internal components with our kit and using CO2 in the magazine, our kits actually recoil and function like a real firearm. This enables instructors to cover all facets of training including follow up shots, target transitions and more.

    • Requires no modification of the firearm
    • Completely wireless
    • Installs in minutes
    • Magazines can be refilled or use off the shelf cartridges
    • Available for a wide selection of handguns, rifles and pump action shotgun



    Replica firearms offer a lot of flexibility. Lifelike feel, correct weight, sights and resetting triggers make them an excellent low-cost training option.

    • Low Cost
    • Low maintenance
    • Resetting Triggers
    • Several Rifle and Pistol options



  • SMART Range Remote

    The SMART Remote is a wireless hand-held device that allows the operator to control the system from anywhere in the room, utilizing the tablet.



    The SMART System is compatible with training TASERS and OC spray.



  • SMART SBT Guns

    SMART SBT Guns from SB Tactical come in 3 versions; pistol, rifle and submachine gun. The pistol and rifle are CO2 powered for that added level of realism while the SMG is battery powered. The magazine capacity is programmable for either serious training or serious fun.




  • SMART Atmospherics Package

    The more senses we can involve in the simulation, the more immersive the experience. The more immersive the experience, the more effective the training. That’s what the SMART Atmospherics Package is all about. With the Atmospherics Package, you can introduce smoke and even smell to the experience to fully involve all the senses. Creating the most immersive experience possible.